Pink villa Colombia

web-DSC_2323At the invi­ta­tion of HMK {Hotel Mari­aKapel} and Lugar a Dudas

Maze de Boer and Leonard van Mun­ster will visit Lad with Wouter Sibum of HMK in Cali, Colom­bia from 15 April – 30 April, 2013

In 2013 the Exchange “Elope­ment” took place in Lugar A Dudas in Cali, Colom­bia and HMK {Hotel Mari­aKapel} in Hoorn, the Nether­lands. Lugar a Dudas and HMK got into con­tact through the ArtsCol­lab­o­ra­tory forum in 2010, the idea emerged to start an exchange between both res­i­den­cies. LaD and HMK started to exchange ideas, in order to fur­ther develop this col­lab­o­ra­tion. Both HMK and LaD aim to develop part­ner­ships with art-initiatives inter­na­tion­ally, in order to improve artis­tic mobi­liza­tion, estab­lish inter­na­tional con­tacts en improve global pres­ence for both residencies.

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