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Spon­soren: Elling yacht­ing & Ams­ter­dams fonds voor de kunst & Gemeente Ams­ter­dam, Hello Zuidas & AkzoNo­bel & BPD Ontwik­kel­ing & report­ing Insight & Bouwatch

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press release:
Ship stranded in finan­cial heart Zuidas Amsterdam

Be warned: if you arrive in Zuidas on 3 March, there’s a good chance you won’t believe your eyes when you step out onto Mahler­plein. You will be greeted by the spec­tac­u­lar sight of a life-sized, sea­wor­thy ship keeled over on its side, right in the heart of the busi­ness dis­trict. With its keel on dis­play, the ves­sel looks gigan­tic and gives you the same feel­ing of insignif­i­cance as gaz­ing up at the build­ings that tower around you. This work of art – For­tuna – will be on dis­play from 3 March till the end of the month.

For­tuna is the work of artist Leonard van Mun­ster and stands for the tur­bu­lent times in which our soci­ety finds itself. For­tuna was the Roman god­dess of chance, the deity respon­si­ble for both good for­tune and bad.
Leonard van Mun­ster has this to say about the sym­bol­ism of For­tuna: “A ship on its side rep­re­sents both a ship that can­not con­tinue its voy­age and a ship that might one day sail again. It con­jures up thoughts of pur­su­ing your dreams, dis­cov­er­ing the wide world, embrac­ing new chal­lenges. It’s like the Suri­namese say­ing: mi kanto ma mi de ete. It means I’ve cap­sized but I’m still here. In other words, I have known set­backs but I’m not about to give up. It’s a pow­er­ful expres­sion of willpower and the deter­mi­na­tion to fight. Despite every­thing, you are still alive and able to achieve your dreams.”

For­tuna is a site-specific art­work, which means that the set­ting plays an impor­tant part in how it is per­ceived. It was selected espe­cially to give the peo­ple who live and work in Zuidas a sense of won­der and inspi­ra­tion. The sym­bol­ism of embrac­ing chal­lenges and achiev­ing dreams is very apt in this dynamic busi­ness dis­trict. Unex­pected twists of for­tune are always pos­si­ble, even in Zuidas.

The owner of Elling Yacht­ing has made a brand new 15-metre Elling E4 yacht avail­able for the art­work. When March is over, the Elling will take to sea again.

Spon­sors: Elling Yacht­ing, Ams­ter­dam Arts Fund, City of Amsterdam, Hello Zuidas, AkzoNo­bel, BPD ontwik­kel­ing, Report­ing Insight, Bouwatch

Note to the edi­tors:
For­tuna will be on dis­play from 3 March till the end of the month on Gus­tav Mahlerplein.


Open­ing: vri­jdag de 13e

16.30 uur ont­vangst bij het schip op het Mahler­plein
17.00 uur Leonard van Mun­ster heet gas­ten welkom en vertelt
17.10 uur offi­ciële han­del­ing door,.. “onder voor­be­houd“
17.20 uur Cham­pagne tegen het schip
brass­band speelt:  “Mi kanto ma mi de ete”


Fd: 04-03-2015
 NRC: dec 2014:

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